Our Story

How did it start?
When Sydney went into lockdown in 2020, like most of the world, we lost our jobs and we were struggling to get by everyday. We wanted to cover our groceries and bills. It is when we decided to risk small investment into candle making. A sisters dayout together of candle making years ago gave us the confidence to risk.

As 2021 rolled around and restrictions eased, all three of us went back to our usual jobs and got busy on it. We tried our best to keep continuing what we have created even when there was not as much time like we had before for it.

We are three sisters running this business, and it was year 2021 that changed our lives forever. My middle sister passed away suddenly within two months of being admitted to hospital. Between those times our days used to circle around hospital visits, doctors meeting and their assurance.

Why we keep continuing?
It is our way to honour our sister and also a way to keep our sister closer to us, as this is what we started together and we did not want to shut it down.